Here’s a list of some of the services I can provide and the challenges I can address. I’ve personally consulted on every branding and marketing element on this page.

But what separates me from others who claim expertise is how well this all fits together for MY clients (I call it Brand Synergy). Most of the businesses and organizations that come to me for counsel and/or execution are performing poorly because they are in poor health.

A healthy, well-conditioned body is awe-inspiring in its efficiency and productivity. An unhealthy, poorly conditioned body is inefficient, unproductive and accomplishes far less than it is capable of performing.

My job is to diagnose the unhealthy parts or systems in your brand and its strategies – prescribe treatment, realign what is out of alignment and, in many cases, supervise the treatment to ensure it gets done right.

So if YOUR brand is not performing – or you want to bring a new brand into the world the right way, call me personally at 610-829-0388  (toll-free 877-527-5980), or email me. If you call, don’t be surprised if I answer the phone. We can talk and see if there’s a comfortable fit. No pressure. No obligation. You’ll never have a more low-key, but highly stimulating, thought-provoking conversation.

Branding Services:

Brand Development

How to construct the ultimate brand from scratch – what’s important – what’s not – what to avoid.

Brand Audit

This is my brand wellness check up – assessing the health of your brand – where it may be ailing, experiencing weaknesses or simply where a tune up is needed to optimize its performance.

Brand Discovery

Our unique process to uncover the innate core truths that define who you really are as a company or organization. Think you already know? Think again. In all my years doing this, I’ve never found a CEO or owner that wasn’t amazed with the outcome of our Brand Discovery process.

Brand Positioning

Differentiate or die. You MUST separate from the crowd. Perhaps nothing is more important today in this confusing, crowded marketplace than finding the right positioning platform on which to build everything else. Get this wrong and it won’t be pretty. Plus positioning is not a once-and-done. The more volatile the marketplace, the more often it must be reassessed.

Brand Identity

It’s so much more than your logo. It’s how your publics know it’s YOU in every way your brand is expressed. Consistency counts – big time!

Brand Experience

Assessing and optimizing how consumers and other publics interact with your brand – with all senses – continually comparing that experience with your brand promise –how does the experience stack up against that promise?

Brand Promise

What should the consumer expect from your brand? Those expectations are your promise. Is your delivery aligned with your promise? Few brands pull this off. Yet it’s essential if you want to earn any level of brand loyalty.

Brand Evidence

A brand promise is not enough. Anyone can make a claim – a promise. A fully-functioning, productive brand includes evidence of its distinction – its truth – credible, relevant evidence that the brand delivers on its promise (also called “Social Proof“) – credible third-party testimonials, verifiable case studies, independent tests, independent press stories , etc. No brand is powerful without this evidence of its true disctinction.

Brand Loyalty

Will the consumer come back? Buy again? With acquisition costs so high in almost all industries, brand loyalty is one of the most valuable assets. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a BOOKABLE asset on the balance sheet. How are YOUR loyalty programs working out for you?

Brand Equity

Building asset value for your brand is one of your most critical tasks. Real brand equity will earn recurring incremental income, and build asset value on the balance sheet. This is where the big money is.


When a brand is ailing too much to revitalize it – or changed circumstances render a brand irrelevant (or they present new opportunities), rebranding may be needed – realigning an existing brand with those new realities.

Marketing Services:

I am knowledgeable and experienced in virtually every facet of the marketing process:

  • Complete Marketing Plan Development
  • Advertising – all media
  • Social Media – optimizing real business value from Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn and other social networks
  • Video Marketing – expert at creating and distributing video – one of the most powerful marketing tools available today
  • Online or Internet Marketing – knowledgeable and experienced in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), reputation management , e-commerce
  • Lead Generation – delivering consistent, qualified new business sales leads… affordably
  • Blogging – building authority and leadership in your niche
  • Mobile Marketing – the fastest growing and least understood segment of the marketing plan – it’s RED HOT! I’ll show you how to use it to grow ROI – in a hurry!
  • Sales Promotion – displays, shows, events, sampling, premiums, rewards, etc.
  • Guerrilla Marketing – Marketing is not all about big budgets and lofty plans. Often the application of time, energy and imagination can drive huge successes.
  • “Back End” Marketing Automation – So often neglected, your back end strategies can be the most profitable investment you can make.  More than 78% of businesses do not have a systematic, effective back end to optimize sales conversion that can dramatically increase profitability with minimum extra investment.  How many prospects are leaking through YOUR sales process?

If YOUR brand is not performing, your marketing is ineffective, you’re not closing or converting enough prospects into SALES, or you want to bring a new brand into the world the right way, call me personally at 610-829-0388 (toll-free 877-527-5980), or email me now.

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